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Rocky Mountain Brakes fitted from £POA.

Need improved stopping power for your Model T? These period accessory brakes attach to the rear hubs and link via an equaliser to the foot pedal giving greatly improved stopping power than the standard transmission brake. The original handbrake mechanism is retained as the new shoes operate on the outside of the brake drum.

We offer a full fitting service for the Rocky Mountain Brake system for those who are not confident of their own ability, please call us for details.

The Kit

The brakes are supplied as a complete kit with fitting instructions. The picture on the right shows the pre-'26 setup which requires an additional drum fitting over the original handbrake drum. In addition, you will need the longer replacement wheel bolts shown below.

An extension is welded to the bottom of your existing pedal to link up with the new system or if you prefer, brand new cast pedals with the extension already fitted are available. This is a great time saver and arguably produces a superior finish.

'26-'27 Replacement pedal Pre '26 replacement pedal
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