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Coil Refurbishment

Please note that Dr Coil has now taken over the coil refurbishment and all coils should be sent directly to him. Please contact John Housego on 07443 914662 or email at johnhousego19@gmail.com

At The T Service we take coil refurbs very seriously. Our own "Dr Coil" has spent hours locked away in his workshop testing and repairing coils plus carrying out research on various internet forums and websites.

As a result of our research, we have invested in what we consider the finest piece of equipment for testing and setting up coils, the Fun Projects "Strobo-spark". Dr Coil has also devised his own test equipment using oscilloscope based testing for even greater accuracy.

This amazing piece of equipment gives a clear indication of the value and any breakdown of the internal capacitor which is a critical operating component within the coil (something the hand crank testers favoured by some restorers cannot). It has the ability to simulate Low, Medium, and high magneto power output to help isolate coil problems that only occur under certain magneto conditions and facilities to show correct coil operation as well as misfiring and/or "double sparking" problems. In testing, we have found that as many as 75% of coils require the capacitor changing! This in itself requires a very specific component for optimum performance and life of the coil and points. New points are fitted to the majority of our refurbished coils.


The Process

On arrival, all coils are tested to ascertain whether the capacitor is within tolerance and the output tested on the Strobo-spark. Coil windings are also tested at this stage.

If the capacitor is found to be borderline or leaking it is replaced with a new high quality component. This necessitates digging out the original component which is potted in pitch within the wooden case.

The pictures below show the original capacitor and its location within the wooden casing. The second picture shows the modern replacement. We have found many types of replacement component fitted to coils but none are to the specification of these.

Once the new capacitor has been fitted, the original glass/wood insulator is refitted and pitch is melted and topped back up to the correct level before the cover is replaced.

All hardware is cleaned and inspected prior to refitting or replacing as required. The outer case is given a clean and the top repainted in satin black as per original. Linseed oil is applied to freshen up the appearance and protect the wood. The coil is then re-tested using the Strobo-spark and the points correctly set to give the optimum output.


The Finished Product

The picture on the right shows the coils as received on the right and the refurbished coils on the left.

We are confident that our coils are the best available in the country and are pleased to offer a 12 month warranty against failure. All we ask is that you do not attempt any adjustment once the coils have been returned to you as Dr Coil spends a great deal of time setting our coils up!

We have tested the finished product in our own Model Ts and were amazed at the difference a set of well setup coils can make. We're convinced you will notice the difference too.

Coils are usually available on an exchange basis. We are always interested in buying more faulty coils.



Our price reflects the amount of work that goes into refurbishing your coils.

To refurbish your coils supplied to us 48.00 per coil (including VAT) plus postage.

We can also refurbish coils used in Veteran cars, call to discuss your needs! So far we have repaired coils used in DeDions plus an 1898 Peugeot and many others!

The T Service Ltd is in no way affiliated with The Ford Motor Company.    All content within this website is the property of the T Service Ltd.