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The rally season is upon us so now is the ideal time to have your Model T checked over and serviced at our workshop to ensure it is both safe and mechanically ready for the miles you will be covering during the coming year.

Our service starts with a visual check of the car, including checking the condition of king-pins, steering, suspension bushes, tyres, tracking, lights etc.

Engine oil is then drained and re-filled with Morris Golden Film 30wt oil which is safe for use on vehicles with white metal bearings. Rear axle oil level is checked and if necessary topped up using Morris 250wt oil (equivalent to the original 600w) which again is safe for use with white metal bearings (thrust washers in rear axle). Coolant tested for correct specific gravity.

Spark plugs removed and cleaned plus gap re-set.(For an additional charge, we can replace your plugs with new Champion items, see below). Timer removed, cleaned and lubricated. Coils visually inspected and a basic test of output carried out. (Please see separate page for information on our full coil refurbishment service).

You will receive a report of any recommendations relating to areas checked.

All grease cups will be re-filled as required and oil pots lubricated.

All this for only £240 plus VAT

Set of Champion spark plugs £54 plus VAT fitted

We recommend using anti-freeze. If you are unsure as to whether your car has anti-freeze, we can drain the cooling system and re-fill with the correct mixture for peace of mind.


Is your MOT due? We can carry out a pre-MOT inspection plus take your car to our local test centre for you. You will be advised of any work required for the MOT plus any recommendations made by the tester. Don't let the recent announcement that pre-1960 classics no longer require an MOT fool you. It is still your responsibility to ensure your car is safe for use on the road. Be safe and have your car tested!

£120 plus VAT including cost of MOT

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