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Date Event Contact
24th June to 1st July Northern Ireland Tour Contact: Austen Bromley 01932 864770 oz52@1909t.co.uk
Contact Austen for more information.
21st July Midland Meander Contact: Richard Wray 07921 461542 r_wray@hotmail.com
Contact Richard for more information.
18th August Ladies driving day Contact: Russell Hodgson 01933 625495 r.hodgson3@btinternet.com
Contact Russell for more information.
12th to 1th September Autumn Tour Contact: Joan Varley 01246 590104 joan.varley@btinternet.com
Contact Joan for more information.
21st to 22nd September Kop Hill Climb Contact: www.kophillclimb.org.uk
See website for more information.
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