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We can supply many accessory items for your Model T. In addition to the items shown below, we can get: fuel tank dipsticks, tools (including original Ford spanners), running board steps, Motometers, indicator setups, brake light switches, rear view mirrors and many more items! Whatever you need, please give us a call.

Maintenance battery charger, £Out of stock

These chargers are a fantastic way of preserving your cars battery over the Winter months when you are not using it much. It can be left connected to the battery and will maintain the correct charge level automatically. Better still, it can be used on both 6 and 12v batteries.

Car dust cover, £Out of stock

Cars can gather dust even in a garage at home. Protect your car with these lightweight covers for a fraction of the price of some of the heavier weight items that are available. They are breathable and will repel light water spills. Elasticated hems front and rear help to keep the cover located.

Manifold cooker, £70

These reproductions of period accessories are great fun and really work! Now available as plain stainless steel only. Also available is a manifold cooker cookbook!

Boyco gas/oil/water cans (repro), £150

These combined gas/oil/water cans are a reproduction of an original period accessory manufactured by companies such as "Boyco". A very handy accessory and look great on the running board of any T. Water can has rotted sadly.

Bun Lamps, From £75

We have a selection of bun lamps by various manufacturers including E&J and Browns, both front and rear. Call with your requirements.

Ruckstell Axle Kit, early style in stock, £2500

Ruckstell 2 speed axles are one of THE accessories for your Model T They give greater flexibility particularly when driving in hilly terrain, giving your engine an easier time. We are offering a new kit to build a small drum axle using your original axle as the basis. We can rebuild and fit these for you. Library pic.

Starter crank holder £17.50

These leather crank holders stop the starting handle swinging whilst driving and also keep the handle clear of the numberplate. Available with chrome or brass buckles.

Reverse pedal extender £37.50

Do you struggle to get your foot onto your reverse pedal because it is lower than the clutch and brake pedals? These clever little items make life easier and require no modifications to be made to your standard pedal.

Rim spreader tool for 21" wheel £85

These rim spreaders are designed to contract a split wheel rim to make removing the tyre much easier in the event of a puncture or when replacing tyres. They also work in the opposite direction to stretch the rim back into position. Not common in the UK but an extremely handy tool. Can also be used on non Model T wheels. Don't miss out on these hard to find items. Library picture, similar styles available.

Oil Level Tool, £10 each

This nice little tool enables you to open your oil tap to check your levels without having to reach under the car. Also available with a wooden handle £15.

Running board expanding luggage rack £SOLD

These period correct luggage racks are a great addition to your Model T or other vintage car. Luggage space is rather limited, especially when carrying passengers, and these racks allow you to carry items on the running board safely. Ideal if you want to carry items such as picnic baskets. Library picture.

Fuel can, various in stock from £20

These period 2 gallon fuel cans look fantastic when mounted on the running board of vintage cars as well as being a practical addition. It is difficult to carry spare fuel in a Model T due to a lack of storage space, this is a great solution. We stock various cans from different manufacturers including; Shell, Pratts, Esso etc. in varying condition to suit all cars.

Fuel can mount. £53

These cast aluminium brackets are reproductions of period mounts that allow you to carry 2 gallon fuel cans on the running board of your "T". Requires three holes to be drilled.

Brass Fuel can mount. £150

This brass bracket is a quality alternative to the cheaper aluminium mounts. Designed to secure 2 gallon fuel cans onto your running board of your "T", they do require drilling for mounting screws. Can not included.

Original Ford spanners, in stock. From £2.50

If you want an authentic toolkit for your T then these original Ford spanners are a must have item. Various sizes in stock.

Ford Multi spanner, in stock. £7.50

These multi spanners are a practical addition to any T toolkit. They are used for the hubcaps, front wheel bearings and rear axle nuts. Original used item pictured but also available brand new at £10 each!

Fire Extinguisher, in stock. £12.50

OK, you may not want to think that your pride and joy may ever catch fire, but what if it did? These 1kg aluminium extinguishers are small enough to carry with you in the car and could just save your car being destroyed by fire. A good common sense accessory and also required by the T Register when on club rallies!

Ford style Jack. £Out of stock

Original style Ford Model T jack. These are small enough to fit under the back seat of a Tourer or in the boot of a Roadster and are handy should you get a puncture whilst out and about. Can also be a bonus when starting a T from cold!

Period Voltmeter, in stock £25.00

This lovely volt meter is a nice practical addition to your T toolkit.

Warning Triangle, in stock £7.50

A common sense addition to your Model T toolkit and required in many European countries by law.

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