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1925 Pickup Project - Offers around 9995

Year 1925 Road Tax Free
Exterior Color Black Interior Your choice!
Fuel Unleaded Power 20hp
Top Speed Approx 40mph Engine Capacity 2.9l
Transmission 2 speed epicyclic Engine Config Inline 4 cyl.

New arrival!

This 1925 Pickup has recently arrived from America and is yet to be registered in the UK. Import duties have been paid. We would be willing to sell the car "as is".

The car is a part finished restoration and as such is being sold as a project. The underside appears to have been completed and we have had the car running and driving. The body has benefitted from a new wood kit with only the door left to be done (a spare door is provided). We have added a new top frame and some of the other missing items. You will need a top covering kit and interior. Alternatively, some sack cloth and padding plus some rust effect paint and you have the perfect Hillbilly pickup. The metalwork looks to have been blasted and then primed but the ar has clearly sat for a while since.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to describe vehicles as accurately as possible, it is the responsibility of potential buyers to satisfy themselves as to condition and originality. Please remember that these cars are now in excess of 95 years old!

Standard Equipment
Electric lights. Electric start.
Optional Equipment
Demountable wheels.
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