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1924 Vineyard Truck - 9495

Year 1924 Road Tax Free
Exterior Color Blue Interior Sack cloth
Fuel Unleaded Power 20hp
Top Speed Approx 25mph Engine Capacity 2.9l
Transmission 2 speed epicyclic Engine Config Inline 4 cyl.

This unusual and possibly unique Ton Truck was originally built in France for a vineyard owner and believed to be a one off. The truck was restored by the previous owner many years ago. Sadly, he has been unable to use the truck for the last 15 years and it has remained in his garage.

Since purchasing the truck we have sympathetically recommissioned it including a general service plus rebuilding the original load bed that had been replaced with a shorter version. Overall, the condition is good with no rust. The tyres are all good having been replaced during the restoration. As it has been stored indoors they have not suffered from cracking.

Work is ongoing with this vehicle although it is now in a usable state and has been driven to local events.

The truck comes with a 4-speed transmission which has an overdrive top gear that allows a higher top speed than a standard Model T truck.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to describe vehicles as accurately as possible, it is the responsibility of potential buyers to satisfy themselves as to condition and originality. Please remember that these cars are now in excess of 95 years old!

Standard Equipment
Ignition by trembler coils. Electric lighting.
Optional Equipment
Indicators. Crank holder. 4-Speed transmission.
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